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Code of Conduct

Student Rules of Conduct and Parents' Responsibilities

At BDT, we strive to offer the highest level of dance education in a positive, respectful, and nurturing environment. In order to develop and maintain this environment, we ask all of our students and their parents to abide by the following guidelines.

Student Rules of Conduct

  • We shall arrive to class on time.
  • We shall not sit down during class unless instructed by the teacher.
  • We shall not chew gum or bring food into the studio.
  • We shall not miss class except for valid reasons.
  • We shall not wear dance shoes outside and will carry dance shoes in a dance bag.
  • We shall practice at home and be prepared for class even if absent the week prior.
  • We shall abide by the school dress code for each class.
  • We shall be positive and have a “can do” attitude.
  • We shall label all shoes and gear with our name.
  • We shall politely ask dance/gymnastics-related questions in class.
  • We shall keep our gear out of the way and keep the lobby neat.
  • We shall use strong arms, stretched feet, and proper body placement.
  • We shall keep our cell phones off or on mute while in dance class.
  • We shall use 100 percent of our energies while in class.
  • We shall have our hair securely up before class.
  • We shall not gossip or put down other students.
  • We shall use a deodorant daily and wear minimal jewelry for class.
  • We shall not act as if we are better than other students in our class.
  • We shall keep good conduct and quiet voices in the lobby.
  • We shall work well and in unison with other students in class.
  • We shall go to the bathroom before class.
  • We shall use proper language and show good sportsmanship at all times.
  • We shall keep our hands off the mirrors.
  • We shall wait inside for our ride.
  • We shall speak respectfully to the teachers and to one another.
  • We shall bring home all notices and give them to our parents.
  • We shall not make unnecessary conversation or noise while in class.
  • We shall not hang on the dance barres or be on gymnastics equipment inappropriately.
  • We shall act in the manner of a young lady or gentleman at all times.
  • We shall respect our art/sport, our instructors, and our fellow students.

A Parent’s Responsibilities

  • Please get your children to class on time every week since regular attendance is necessary for good training.
  • Please use proper entrance and exits and do not block traffic in the parking lot.
  • Please be prompt in picking up your child after class.
  • Please label shoes and gear with student’s full name. Please do not allow your child to wear dance shoes outside. A dance/gym bag is required for all gear.
  • Please make sure that your child is properly outfitted for class each week per our studio dress code.
  • Please call in all absences and make arrangements for a makeup class for illness.
  • Please encourage practice at home.
  • Please do not bring food or drink of any kind into the classrooms.
  • Please remember that you are responsible for supervising siblings; keep them safe and under control in the lobby.
  • Please remember that while class is in session, the classroom doors should remain closed.
  • Please remember that if you wish to speak to your child’s teacher, contact the office to set an appointment; he/she is obligated to start his/her next class on time but will gladly contact you at a later time.
  • Students and parents should be respectful in the lobby area, using their “inside voices” and keeping voices down.
  • Please remind students to clean up after themselves and respect studio property.
  • Please keep students’ jewelry and valuables at home.
  • Please check your child’s dance/gm bag for notices and check your email for updates.
  • Please check the lost and found box frequently.
  • Please pay accounts on time. Late fees are issued on overdue accounts.
  • Please avoid being a gossip who may spread misinformation. If you need to discuss a situation, call the office to arrange a mutually convenient meeting time.
  • Please don’t compare your child to other students or discuss such comparisons with other parents.
  • Please remember that we value your patronage and support and want to thank you for choosing us for your child’s dance and gymnastics education.
  • Please review our studio policies with your children to help them understand why it is important for everyone to follow the studio rules.